Hey Criminals! Your Town Made You an App to Track Cops

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Are you especially interested in where police officers are in your town at any given moment? No? Then you're probably not a criminal. But that logic hasn't stopped the Surrey, England, police department from launching an app that gives live updates on police activity.

The app is totally well-intentioned. It's supposed to give residents a sense of security—and also a heads up—about when there's a crime being committed in the area, and how the police are responding. But come on, people! Has no one seen any crime movie ever? This seems like it will be of limited-if-any use to the public at large, and an unbelievable boon to the unsavory folk of Surrey.

The service is only available to a portion of the county for the time being, but officials are hoping to take it nationwide some time soon, putting one more goodie in future asshole rioters' bag of tricks. [The Independent, iTunes]