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Well, well, well. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal today, Apple management is going to remain "nimble" in iPad pricing if sales start off slow. Hey, wait a minute—are you thinking what I'm thinking?


The scoop originates from a Credit Suisse analyst, who apparently met with Apple executives recently to discuss all things tablet. In addition to the execs pitching how the iPad wouldn't cannibalize Apple's other product lines, they outright stated that they'll adjust pricing if they have to:

"While it remains to be seen how much traction the iPad gets initially, management noted that it will remain nimble (pricing could change if the company is not attracting as many customers as anticipated)."

This actually isn't all that surprising, if you think back to the iPhone's launch in 2007 and the dramatic $200 price cut that followed just a few months later. That caused sales to surge 200% and garnered no small amount of publicity for the new device.

Bottom line: I don't exactly have $500 to $830 burning a hole in my pocket to spend on a first-gen device. So spread the word! And for goodness sake, stay strong and don't buy an iPad. Yet. [WSJ]



As much as I despise its very existence, I can't tell people what to and what not to buy.

I will say it will be a huge disappointment to anyone who expects this to be the missing link between a computer and a smart phone, especially if they want it to be more like a computer. For example, the average couch potato who thinks this is better than a laptop, then realizes the keyboard is a separate entity. Touch Based computing will arrive when people learn to streamline the familiar DesktopOS environment into a finger-friendly experience. Instead what we have is a locked-down, limiting, proprietary UI that's extremely friendly to play with and extremely frustrating to work with.

What makes my head really hurt, when it comes to the iPad is that there is nothing brought to the table that hasn't already been done. Not one new idea. Yet somehow, the iPad is THE ONE! It's sparked interest in a dead market while at the same time, making people believe that tablet computing, in general, just got better. And, to boot, now over a dozen companies, some of which have already been in the Tablet game, are working around the clock to release half-assed giant phones, to compete with this half-assed giant phone.

Stupidity is contagious.