Hey Hey Hey What Is Going On Here? Saved By the Bell Is 25 Years Old

When I wake up in the morning, and the alarm gives out a warning and—holy shit Saved by the Bell first aired 25 years ago today. You're old, Preppy.

It's weird to think that there are kids—and not just kids, actual almost adults—who haven't seen this show, which for a lot of us was a big part of Saturday mornings growing up. They know nothing of Jessie's struggle with caffeine pills. They've never heard of the Max. And they most certainly do not know how to do a dance called the crutch.


Oh, but you remember every episode. You even watched Zack and Kelly finally make it honest in a Las Vegas wedding in the College Years. You grew up with the crew from Bayside High, and now you are a dinosaur and so is AC Slater. But time out! You can take a trip down memory lane this evening—all six seasons are streamable on Amazon. Time in! (You old fart). [Amazon h/t ABC]

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