Hey You, RSS Readers

You. You that's reading this post on your RSS feed reader. Yeah, you. That's right, nobody else can see this except you! Come on in. I've got some news.

Starting today (or tomorrow, for some of you, since the switch might not have happened yet), our RSS feeds will be going excerpt-only. That means you can only see some of the post—for our posts that go beyond the first paragraph because we have more to say—if you click into the site.


I know, I know, it's a pain. As a guy who goes through loads of RSS feeds a day, I know I like to read full feeds that don't force me to click into the site. If I like a post, I'll definitely go in to see what the comments are (if not to comment on it myself). For those of you like me, there's the full feed.


We even called you guys VIPs.

For everyone else, the standard feed will keep on working, but you'll only see excerpts, much like how our front page works now. If you're the kind of person who likes to skim through posts and only read the occasional one you enjoy, this is actually better for you! It cuts down on load times and still gets the point across.

So, there should be a feed that's right for you, depending on what you like.

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