HG Wells Foretold in 1943 of a Future Where We'd Get News From Our Phones

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HG Wells prophesied of a "new order" where newspapers would be "dead" and instead we'd "ring up N.E.W.S. on our telephones" and "listen in to a summary of what has happened in the last 2-3 hours." How right he was.

Well, half-right. Instead of ringing up the news channel on our phones, we browse or access news by apps. His 1943 speech, in front of the British Association Conference, is well worth a listen, even at almost 10 minutes in length. Chuckling through his words when dissing the state of journalism (it's "prostitution," he claims), it's obvious Wells knows he's being contrary and far-reaching. If only he were around today... [BBCThanks Gary!]