Hideous G-Shock Phone Is Too Durable to Be Destroyed

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Try to drown it, crush it with up to a ton of weight, or give it a ten-foot toss—this prototype G-Shock phone will just laugh its heinous mug at you. Why can't super-rugged things not look like this?


The phone, which appears to be running Android, is only a concept for now—so we hope Casio will reconsider the Metal Gear meets Mountain Dew commercial design. Now, yeah, it's nice to see a phone that isn't a Black Rectangle Clone. But drawing on the bulbous wrist-cracking look of G-Shock watches isn't much better. Of course a ruggedized phone isn't going to be svelte, but it doesn't need to resemble an X-TREME watch just because of a shared namesake.

But all criticism aside, a phone that's waterproof submerged up to 10 feet, can be dropped up to 10 feet, and can resist a ton of weight is fantastic. Let's just tweak that shell. [DroidLife via The Verge]

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I have a few G-Shock watches, and some "normal" ones too. I think the look of a G-Shock is part of their "brand". I doubt the thing has to be this ugly, but the marketing and branding duchebags at Casio probably insisted that the phone look like a stretched version of their watches for "brand identity", otherwise what's the point (from their point of view)? They want people to think that it LOOKS tough, so they made it all bulbous and swollen.

This same effect is why the Hummer 3 was mechanically identical to a suburban, without any of the real offroad capability of the H1. You see a lot more H3s on the road than H1s, because people want the look, and the functionality is secondary. The H1 is more expensive than the H3, but there are cheaper SUVs than the H3, as well.

I like my G-Shocks because they're hilarious, and I don't have to have it on all the time, because watches are mostly obsolete now. The G-Shock phone, however, is a design abortion, and I'd be stuck with it all the time, unlike my watch. I doubt the phone needs to look like this, but the G-Shock product designers don't know what else to do. When all you've got is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Why not make a rugged phone that looks as normal as possible, and also make a dorky case that looks like a G-Shock for the lumpy bulbous fans to buy?

This thing is awful.