High-Def iTunes Downloads: Coming Soon to an AppleTV Near You?

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CrunchGear is claiming that the AppleTV may soon receive a sudden gush of iTunes HD content. As the story goes, iTunes will go through a major update this month, finally offering lots of commercial 720p HDTV programming. Unfortunately, there isn't much evidence: "Apple has apparently placed a gargantuan order for more Apple TV units," say the CrunchGearians. But if you're willing to take their word for it, iTunes already accommodates 720p HDTV video podcasts, so there's not really any renovation to the iTunes store that needs to be done. And, AppleTV is capable of playing back 720p. Seems like a natural evolution, and maybe that's why this rumor has weight. [CrunchGear]



I'm just on the verge of buying an Apple TV or a Mac Mini. I really wanted to like the Vista media center I built, but it's just too flakey. Maybe it's just my own stupidity/inexperience with Windows, I don't know. At first I enjoyed tinkering with it - now it is just sucking the life out of me.

Anyway, if iTunes gains HD content (TV shows and movies), a subscription model - something where you pay X dollars per month and get Y hours of viewing, and the ability to purchase and download through the Apple TV interface, I think I will have my decision made.

Oh, and I want the Apple TV to have an optical drive which allows me to rip DVDs to a library, like iTunes does CDs. Well, I can dream...