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High-Octane Gifts for the Grease Monkey

Illustration for article titled High-Octane Gifts for the Grease Monkey

You can take great pride in your vehicle even if you don't have a clue how to fix it. And if you do know what you're doing under the hood, that intimate bond borders on spiritual.


There's always some kind of tool connecting a human to a machine, whether it's a simple wrench, a complex diagnostic gadget, or an elemental flame. Here are eight such tools that could be gifts for the dear grease monkey in your life. These are the only things that can make time spent in the garage any sweeter.

Hey there! You might notice our gift guides look a little different this year. That's because we're hoping to get you more involved in them. All of our suggestions are posted in the discussion section. If you have experience or an opinion on one of our selections, let us know! Got a better idea? Share it with us. We truly want to make sure these guides help people buy epic holiday gifts, and many minds are better than a few.

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Harry Sawyers

Actron CP9125 Diagnostic Scanner

Why’s that “check engine” light on? In modern cars, you need a device to fit into the OBD II diagnostic port to get the answer. This $50 one from Actron is a great way to figure out if the problem is something you can handle yourself.