High-Profile Silicon Valley Exec GUILTY of Mass Lego Theft

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It's a sordid tale of greed, power and Lego. Last Monday, Thomas Langenbach, a successful tech executive (and Lego fanboy) struck a deal with prosecutors and pled no contest to burgling tens of thousands of dollars worth of bricks and hiding them in his $2 million dollar home.


Langenbach's road to thievery is a cautionary tale. As vice president of SAP Labs' Integration & Certification Center, Langenbach kept his klepto-Lego-mania a secret from his family, friends and employers. Kinda like how Dexter has to hide the fact that he's a serial killing vigilante. In fact, it's exactly like that.

Langenbach's modus operandi involved sneaking around Target stores and replacing barcodes on Lego sets, so when he was rung up he paid a much lower price. But the jig was up last year when investigators "discovered a massive cache" of Lego at his home and "eight Ziploc baggies containing dozens of bar code stickers in his car." It's just sick.

At his home, investigators described seeing "many, many sets of Legos that he had built" along with bricks separated by color, type and size.

What I'd give to see that Lego Room... Anyhow, Langenbach was selling his stolen booty on eBay, under the pseudonym "Tomsbrickyard" and made about $30,000 from his loot. But, Tommy's biggest crime...using the word "Legos." Case: Closed. [Huffington Post]

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Tatiana Danger

His punishment should be that he can never play with Lego bricks again. Only Duplo blocks, for the rest of his life.