High School Musical iPod Clock/Radio and LCD TV Make You Jealous of Little Kids

The smartest way to produce cool-looking electronics is to hire someone who already knows how, someone from frog design, for instance. Disney's electronics team is helmed by two former froggers, Chris Heatherly and John Guerra, and they've started turning some wild designs into hardware realities. The High School Musical Clock Radio above probably won't outblast other iPod docks on the market, but has a totally original look, and only costs $60. It should be hitting Toys"R"Us stores in October, in case you want to go in and buy one—I mean you know, for your kid sister. There's a matching LCD TV that may actually be even cooler than the iPod dock. Take a look...


This is one of several $300 TVs that Disney will be rolling out this fall. (This one should be available in September at Toys"R"Us and Wal-Mart.)

All of the Disney LCDs are 15" and use Sharp panels. And anyone worried about the digital switchover can rest assured, these TVs include ATSC tuners. Stay tuned for a gallery of Disney products from the ex-frog team.

From fact sheet:
High School Musical 15" LCD TV
• 15" LCD Screen
• Cable-Ready Digital Tuner
• Resolution: 1024 x 768
• Full-Function Remote Control (2 "AAA" batteries required - not included)
• Headphone output
• Composite A/V input/output
• Component video input

High School Musical Clock Radio

for iPod & Disney Mix Stick


• Digital AM /FM Stereo

• Wake up to the sounds of your radio, music player or alarm

• Charges iPod with AC Power

• Back-lit LCD display

• Compatible with most iPod versions

• Video output supports iPod content on TV

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