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The first of the Intel Viiv machines are starting hit the streets, and here s probably the best-looking one yet—the Hi-Grade DMS P60 Viiv PC. This small box runs Windows Media Center and will fit in perfectly in a home theater because it's quiet, yet its Intel Core Duo 1.6GHz processor is fast enough to handle HDTV. This one has a smallish 80-GB hard disk and lots of other accoutrements such as WiFi, Bluetooth, DVI port and gigabit Ethernet. It can either stand on end with the help of its included plastic stand, or lie down flat on its integrated rubber feet. There s something important missing, though, and that s a couple of CableCARD slots. Someday. Included are a remote control and an infrared keyboard, and it should be shipping sometime in March for $1391.

The Hi-Grade DMS P60 Viiv PC [Trusted Reviews]