Hilda's First Season 2 Trailer Is All About Longing for Freedom and Adventure

Hilda wielding a sword to protect her friends.
Hilda wielding a sword to protect her friends.
Screenshot: Netflix

After discovering all of the magic and mystery lurking in her new home of Trolberg in Hilda’s first season, the titular young adventurer is back for more. A new look at season two promises an all-too-relatable story about Hilda’s deep need to get back outside.


Having faced creatures like the dreaded Black Hound and found them to actually be quite nice once she got to know them, there’s little that properly scares Hilda (Bella Ramsey) these days. Season two’s new trailer finds the young girl bored and stuck at home under the close supervision of her mother, Johanna (Daisy Haggard). Johanna knows precisely what sort of otherworldly mischief her daughter and her friends Frida (Ameerah Falzon-Ojo) and David (Oliver Nelson) are likely to get into if left to their own devices, and she resolves herself to making sure that doesn’t happen under her watch.

As you can see, it isn’t too long before Hilda and her pals are right back in the thick of some sort of madness involving witches, beasts, and a flying ship full of pirate ghosts that leaves trails of ectoplasmic gunk in its wake. Hilda surely doesn’t mean to cause any trouble, but these are the things that just sort of happen when you’re a curious kid with little fear of the unknown.

Hilda’s second season hits Netflix on December 14.

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