Hillary Clinton Makes Fun of Herself on Viral Site

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Text from Hillary is a web site that makes fun of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, captioning one single photo of her looking at her Blackberry phone with a badass I-am-the-most-powerful-woman-in-the-world face. Does she hate it? No. Actually, she submitted the last entry herself.

On the photo above you can see Hillary Clinton with Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, the creators of Text from Hillary.

Apparently, Clinton met them by chance in Washington DC, and she confessed that she loved the site. Not only that, but she sent this entry for posting.


Many thought the entry's origin was a joke, so Lambe and Smith posted the photo above as well as this hard copy with a dedicatory by Secretary Clinton herself:


Thanks for the many LOLZ

Hillary "Hillz"

The site is a sign of the renewed image of the Secretary of State among the younger population. Before, Clinton was seen as someone evil and old in comparison to candidate Barack Obama or even Sarah Palin.

Now her image has evolved into this strong, badass woman who is in charge. Texts from Hillary is another proof of how her image has changed so much in barely four years. She is admired by many of those who previously derided her in the Democrat camp, especially the younger generations.


Yes, nothing like getting your picture taking in a military cargo plane with the sunglasses she found forgotten in Condi's desk bottom drawer. [Text from Hillary]