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Hipster White Noise Generator Simulates Working in a Crowded Coffee Shop

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Do you find it easier to work with the din of a bustling coffee shop all around you, but would rather not deal with the guilt of not actually buying coffee for hours on end? A new website called Hipster Noise can simulate the sounds of a busy Starbucks, but from the lazy comfort of your home office.

A coffee shop isn’t the only white noise option, though. You can also choose a quaint Parisian cafe, or a quiet bistro if you prefer, and additional options include introducing the sounds of rain outside, a crackling fireplace nearby, or even a piano player off in the distance. If you love the idea of working amongst your hipster peers, but are less warm on the idea of having to change out of pajamas in the morning, this site is for you.


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