Hitachi EMIEW 2 Vid Shows Segway-Style Legs, Wheely Kneecaps, Creepy Kid Voice

Impress Robot Watch just published footage of Hitachi's anime-styled EMIEW 2, the little guy who took a spill during his debut last November. The new video shows that his feet, tipped with wheels, give him a Segway-like way of staying upright, with little micromovements. If the terrain gets too rough, there's always the second set of wheels on his kneecaps, which you see him using at the beginning. Like many Japanese constructs, this one has a creepy child's voice, with which it apparently says some unexpected things like "What color is love?" (Maybe that's an error in translation, but still...) Watching the Segway-style maneuvering, I am left wondering how two of these would do in a rock-em-sock-em scenario. [Impress]


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@bosskev: You know what makes LeBron James (and those like him) such great basketball players? Unselfishness. The willingness to NOT force the shot. Sometimes you need to throw a pass and get the assist.

Sometimes I like to let others grab my "low hanging fruit."

Other times, not.