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Hitachi figured that if one Blu-ray disc holds 50GB of data, why not stack 100 super-thin discs on top of each other and cram them into a 2.5-inch thick cartridge? The result: 5TB of storage. That's just what the company is going to do with its SVOD (Stacked Volumetric Optical Discs) technology.

The Blu-ray version is still in the works, but the company says a DVD-based product will be available by early next year. The DVD version's 100 ultra-thin (92 micrometers) double-sided discs will combine to store 940GB on a cartridge, which will sell for around $340.


This could be an efficient way to archive reams of data, that is, until hard disks—and ultimately flash memory—get to be cheaper, more permanent and more portable.

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