Hitler Doesn't Like the iPhone 4S Either

It didn't take a lot of time—the obligatory Hitler gets angry about the new iPhone 4S video is out. It's actually hilarious, going in crescendo. All the references are spot on, but this is my favorite phrase:

I want people to know that I'm better than they are. How can this happen if they can't tell the new phone from the old?


It's funny because it's true. That's why people really wanted the new design. That's why people get in line to fight for every new iPhone with a new skin. Not just because it may be cooler or better, but to show off.

The spoof gets better and better as it goes on. And yes, Android "is a lemonparty."



Apple is done. The new Nexus Prime looks even thinner than the SGSII and it has a very attractive curved display. It is going to be everything the iPhone5 failed to be. Google is going to beat Apple at their own game. Almost everyone I know who has an iPhone was thinking about switching to Android but were holding out for the iP5. Google is going to capitalize on the huge mistake Apple made.