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The Skinny A company that I thought only made remote control devices also makes a whole lineup of airsoft rifles, handguns, & shotguns.


Geared Toward Gun happy Americans (Sorry Canada, your gun laws are to strict to allow airsoft over there) who want to shoot their friends and not get covered in paint or wounded.

The Spin They had two booths, one with RC helicoptors and another with sweet ass airsoft guns and a shooting range. And considering I never had the awesome opportunity to try out an airsoft gun before it pulled me right over.

Counterspin Unlike paintball you're not going to be able to really see if your target has been shot or not. That is aside from your shot up friends screaming explitives.


Buy It If... You want to "kind of" shoot someone, have an awesome time with your friends, or want to do some target practice with much cheeper "bullets".

See how I did on my paper target after the jump.

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Yea don't mess with Gizmodo.

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