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Hogwarts Is Now Offering A Way To Get Your Magical Education Online

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This isn't official, but it's so very impressive: Hogwarts Is Here is an online LARP in which players basically get an education, just like the students of Hogwarts. There are no battles and no mayhem; just classes to take, digital textbooks to "buy", and homework to do.

Which sounds like a nightmare to me, but even I know how many Potter fans would love to go through an online simulation of Harry's education. It's totally free, and you buy things like the textbooks and equipment with a Gringotts bank account, which is given to you when you enroll. And the site actually sends you pdfs of the textbooks. And you get assigned homework, turn it in, and then it's graded. Hell, just look at how perfect the official website is! Looks better than my college's site, that's for sure.


I'm completely impressed, and I hope with J.K. Rowling's lawyers get word of it they don't immediately avada kedrava it. Honestly, I think she'd do better to accio her checkbook, buy it, and make it official. I'm rooting for you crazy kids!

H/t LizTaylorsEarrings at Observation Deck!