Hold it! The iPhone Is Still Steve Woz's Favorite

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After a quote that Google's Nexus One is his "favorite gadget" went around, Steve Wozniak took the time to leave us a note. Read on for his explanation of how everyone misunderstood him and why fanboy-style arguments are ridiculous.

This is the comment Woz left us in the on the post about his gadget preference:

Actually, everyone got it wrong. My favorite phones are my iPhones. When asked what my favorite gadgets were I took it to mean new gadgets I was playing with (that I considered good). I am not a switcher but I'm not going to tell people that the Nexus One is not a good gadget. Same for the Droid. I continually buy and play with new hot gadgets because I gets asked about them all the time. I have had prior Android phones that I didn't consider good. I usually have between 2 and 6 different cell phones on me, more when there are interesting product introductions.

I try mainly to make good comments but I'm honest about flaws too. I don't get into arguments trying to claim that there are objective reasons that make one person's phone better than another's. It's subjective. You can't win such arguments, only have a stressful life doing so. I have no problem praising and learning from non-Apple products as well as Apple products, when they are good.


I think this is yet another reminder of why we adore this brilliant man. Thanks for the follow up, Woz.

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It makes you wonder... if he has 6 phones on him, assuming 1 per pocket... where does he keep them? Maybe I'm just paranoid, I keep my phone in my pocket alone.