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Am I the only person who believes that beds are for sleeping in? (Please disregard the fact that I am writing this from my boudoir, but I have a hangover.) Hollandia, a company that specializes in top-end schlaffen-sites, has come up with the multi-media bed to end all beds. As well as a Sony Bravia home entertainment system, there's room for your iPod and a massage system. Let's take a closer look.

The full list of specs is this. The 32-inch Sony Bravia HDTV comes with an ambient lighting system to lessen eye strain. There's also a five-DVD/CD changer, subwoofer, iPod dock and an integrated massage system with 12 massage programs.


Covered in white synthetic fiber (I guess it's wipe clean, for obvious reasons) the bed has a fully-automated recliner system, and the famous (cough) Hollandia telescopic head support. Future models will even connect up the massager to the sound system, so that you can be pummelled away to whatever music bangs your drum. [Born Rich]

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