Hollywood Schemes To Destroy The Time Travel Genre

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Now that the big brother studio world has sufficiently killed our beloved zombie genre and is slowly oversaturating society with superheroes, their sights have turned towards time travel. In a wake of newly announced time travel to-be movies comes yet another: James Mangold is going to direct clock jumping movie,The Archive. But it's ok, he's familiar with time travel - remember Kate and Leopold, the romantic comedy where Hugh Jackman travels back in time to make out with Meg Ryan's plastic lips?

I think it's safe to say that everyone on the planet hated, hated, hated the time traveling love story Kate And Leopold. There isn't much information on The Archive, other than the fact that it's being written by playwright David Auburn. True, Mangold did ok work in Walk The Line and 3.10 to Yuma, but orchestrating a time traveling thriller is hard work.


It scares me so to think: if the time-travel movie genre becomes a huge trend, how long until the Back To The Future remake with a sassy teenage girl who's from the wrong side of the tracks? The fact that there are so many bad scifi movies coming out (like Metal Man) puts too much pressure on the-could-be-greats. I cannot wait for Dark Knight, but has my excitement with all this viral marketing nonsense and clutter from the rest of the scifi genre upped the ante too high? And what about World War Z, why have we already decided this will be the best zombie movie of the 2000s? Either way, I just want to close my eyes and wake up to more original ideas.

I'm telling you we are entering dangerous The Lake House time traveling letters territory here people. So take heed, producers and directors: be gentle with the time traveling, it's one of the few things we've got left. So why don't you all just go back to making romantic comedies and keep your greasy studio money off of my time machine.