Holy Cheap! Get a Froyo Phone For 30 Bones

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Look, I'm not saying the LG Optimus T is the fanciest phone in the world. But it's hard to argue with a $30 entry point to the latest and greatest version of Android.


The T-Mobile offering requires a two-year contract and use of a $50 mail-in discount to hit the $30 mark, and the phone itself is a pretty standard decent-not-great 3.2-inch capacitive touch job. The HVGA resolution and 3MP camera are middling if you put them up against the top Android offerings out there, but those'll run you six times as much. The Optimus T also comes pre-loaded with Swype, for you speed-texters out there.

The phone and deal are available November 3rd. [T-Mobile via Engadget]