Holy Cow, there's a chance City of Heroes could come back!?

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Almost 2 years ago, iconic Superhero MMO City of Heroes was shut down for good. Amidst several kickstarted spirtual successors, one developer has revealed they've initiated talks to resurrect the IP - and potentially even create an official sequel.


Late last year Missing Worlds Media successfully kickstarted City of Titans, a spiritual successor to City of Heroes built in the Unreal engine - and fans of the defunct Heroes were quick to support it - only a month after appearing on the crowdfunding platform, City of Titans had more than doubled its goal of $320,000 funding.


However in a new forum post made yesterday on the Titan Network, Missing Worlds Media CEO Nate Downes confirmed that since Summer, talks have been going on between himself and publisher NCSoft, who hold the rights to City of Heroes, to potentially get City of Titans turned into part of the Heroes IP:

The proposal as it stands right now (this is not a final form, just the current proposal on the table) is this:

The CoH IP would be spun to its own company, to handle licensing. This company would itself license the existing engine from NCSoft for the creation of a maintenance mode, using a binary copy of the i23 server.

The existing user database and characters are not part of this arrangement at this time, nor is the source code.

An arrangement is to be made to license the trademarks to the various Plan Z projects, CoT, Valiance and H&V, to create a family connection, and to allow each to drop the "Spiritual" portion of successor. This means they can make references to the original game if desired, and to enable the expansion of partnerships. This could be expanded for any of them, should the desire be there.

An arrangement is also to be made for the Atlas Park Revival project. As part of the informal agreement we have with them, they would be given an official stamp of approval, and the CoT game build would be licensed to them, to create a kind of "CoH 1.5" and migrate people off of the classic game engine before it finally becomes unsuitable (we expect this to happen around when Windows 9 is released, due to binary compatibility). This can be done because both APR and CoT run on Unreal Engine 4.

By being its own firm, the licensing company can also pursue other avenues which were unavailable before.

The other games Downes refers to - Valiance and Heroes & Villains - are MMOs that began development in the wake of City of Heroes' demise, that could stand to prosper from any official connection to the City of Heroes IP as part of this deal - however late last night Valiance Design Director Nathaniel Vogedinge took to Facebook to confirm the game would opt not to be included, branching off into its own, unique property.

So whilst this deal has a lot of potential riding on it - and as Downes states several times, this is something that is far from being finished, considering talks only started in March - there's now a lot of hope that, whilst the original City of Heroes is all but gone forever, we could see a City of Heroes 2 (and maybe even more) after all.


[Titan Network, via PC Gamer]

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Just stumbled onto this new blog from the Groot article. Needless to say, this news has me super excited.

Oh, and I'm also excited about this new blog! Very cool.