Holy crap, Krispy Kreme is making pie donuts

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Donuts are one of the world's most perfect foods, and it's just about impossible to make them better. But that doesn't mean people shouldn't try. So that's why I applaud Krispy Kreme for combining its donuts with one of the world's other most perfect foods: Pie.


Today, Krispy Kreme announced two new, limited-edition flavors, and they sound amazing:

  • Caramel Dutch Apple Pie: Chunky cinnamon apple filling and topped with caramel icing, a crunchy streusel and a dollop of cinnamon apple filling
  • Key Lime Pie: A blend of key lime and custard filling and topped with key lime icing and graham crumbles

They're only available until May 18, which is only 48 breakfasts. Not that you can't have them for dinner, too.

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Please god, don't let this be an April Fool's joke.