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Holy Crap, This Insane 300 Foot Rope Swing Looks Like Heart Stopping Fun

There's crazy things you can do like racing jet skis. There's extreme stunts you can pull like sky diving. There's insanity like base jumping. And then there's this: jumping off a canyon and swinging yourself on a 300 foot rope swing. You come oh so close to hitting the canyon but pull away at the last moment. It's heart stopping fun.


What's incredible is that you can see the fearless bunch who jumped onto the rope swing get a little uneasy throughout the jump. You can see the progression of each jumper's faces, going from pumped to excited to screaming to eye widening, natural fear to realization that they might die to realization that they won't die to pumped to excited to screaming again. It's awesome. I wish I had the balls. [DevinSuperTramp]

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Brent Rose

These guys do cool things and shoot their videos well, but they always have such doucher music on them.