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Holy Crap, This Real-Life Laser Rifle Cuts Through Metal Like Nothing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've seen real laser guns before, pulling off tricks like starting small fires, or popping black balloons. That's cool, sure, but it's got nothing—and I mean nothing—on this crazy handheld laser rifle that eats metal for breakfast.

Developed by TWI this laser-cutter was initially designed for use by Terminators robots, but a few recent tweaks including a pistol-grip and a trigger made it into a human-sized rifle that spits invisible fire like some crazy laser dragon.


The rifle is designed specifically with nuclear decommission in mind, specifically chopping up huge pieces of metal infrastructure into bite-sized bits are easily disposed of. And while it's definitely suited for that, it has some short-comings compared typical rifles. That range is pretty low, for instance. And it's not exactly mobile. Also it requires quite the get-up. But damn is it incredible to watch.

Where do I get one? [TWI via Reddit]