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Holy Sh*t Look At This Drill

Illustration for article titled Holy Sh*t Look At This Drill

Behold, the Hitachi DH50MRY. Part drill, part jackhammer, it can eat up concrete like balsa wood without killing your arms. Our friends at PopSci cut one open to show how it works.


It's the first drill of its kind to feature a counterweight strong enough to cancel out what is undoubtedly some pretty serious recoil. I still think it would take all the counterweight in the world for this not to shake my spaghetti arms out of their sockets in two, maybe three seconds. But that picture—can't take my eyes off it. More at: [PopSci, photo by John Carnett]

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That whole song and dance of "I dont know what I will use it for, but I want it anyway" is the reason we ladies have so many pairs of shoes. So what if we have nothing CURRENTLY to wear them with; we will eventually and hot shoes (like hot power tools) even look hot sitting on the shelf waiting for the opportunity to use them. (Like those HOT purple shoes I have on the shelf.)