Holy Shit: MAUL Semi-Automatic Shotgun Shoots Taser Cartridges and Is Called MAUL

Most tasers are pretty lackluster. Yeah, your victim will collapse to the ground, writhing in a heap of electro-shocked Luke Skywalker pain. And maybe die. But wouldn't it be better if you could shoot the taser out of a shotgun?

The people at Taser International and the terrifying-sounding Australian firm Metal Storm sure think so. Enter, the MAUL—an semi-auto hand cannon that'll squeeze out incapacitating taser rounds as fast as you can trigger 'em. Five in two seconds—fired electrically. That's a lot of tasering! Perhaps you're facing five separate people who need to be tased. Perhaps you need to take down an elephant or giant human of some sort. No sweat! The MAUL can also attach to a rifle and fire lethal rounds in case you want to kill someone after/instead of tasing them.


The next person to make a Don't tase me, bro! reference is getting shot with a MAUL. [Metal Storm via Danger Room]

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