Holy Wow, Oregon Looks Gorgeous From Up Above

Hot damn, the state of Oregon is beautiful. Like, maybe the most beautiful state in this country beautiful. Like, you should probably go to Oregon when you need some sort of adventure or guidance in life beautiful. This video from Michael Shainblum shows the natural wonders of it all: the gorgeous green, the mirrored lakes, the frosted mountains, the waterfalls, the coast and cliffs, and, dang, it’s all so good.


Shainblum filmed using a Phantom 3 and a Phantom 4 and said:

RISE is my first aerial short video which showcases the diverse landscape of Oregon from a new perspective. As a landscape photographer/filmmaker, Oregon is a compositional wonderland from the rugged coast to the lush forests. It definitely has something to offer for anyone seeking a little bit of adventure.


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I can assure you that it’s absolutely terrible here and that we’d like to recall all of the CGI videos our travel and tourism board released some years ago. It looks nothing like what’s portrayed in these videos. Also, Portland smells like old beer and pulp mills and the job market is horrible, particularly in the tech space. Soup lines are littered with the shattered dreams of software engineers who moved here from the Bay Area.