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Investing a lot of money in a sweet home theater setup can be well worth it if you're a TV or movie buff with a generous bank account. But hey, why spend all that money to get a huge TV and nice speakers for your living room when you can spend the same amount on some mediocre gear crammed in a pool table?


Clearly, the best way to watch DVDs is on a tiny LCD screen on the side of a pool table. I mean, sure, you'll need to sit on the ground to watch it, and you'll risk getting hit in the head with pool cues as annoyed players try to work around you, but it's so classy! And in addition to the latest and greatest DVD technology, this table also has a completely up-to-date PS2 built into it, so you can play the greatest games of the last generation. Other accoutrements such as a bar, lights, and flat speakers make this thing totally worth $12,000. Yes, totally worth it, you moron.

Product Page [via Born Rich]


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