HomeSeer HSM100 Multi-Sensor Detects Motion, Light and Temp

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Z-Wave home automation tech continues to expand, and now HomeSeer adds to the mix with its HSM100 Multi-Sensor that knows when the lights are on, what the temperature is, and whether anything is moving in the room. Then, it can control four other Z-Wave devices over a 30-foot range with any combination of that data. For instance, if the temperature is above 80°, it's dark and the device senses someone in the room, it can turn on the lights and lower the temperature automagically. If it's connected to Z-Wave light and thermostat controls, that is.


Imagine hooking up everything in your home with these Z-Wave devices, where blinds raise and lower with the sun or temperature, lights only turn on when you need them, and the temperature and tunes are carefully regulated throughout the house. Amble into your home theater, bellow out something like "let the festivities begin," and your smart house responds. The HSM100 doesn't have voice control, but with Z-Wave, that and a whole lot more can be arranged.

Home Seer isn't the only one is the Z-Wave game, and also on board are more than a hundred manufacturers, including heavyweights such as Leviton, Monster Cable, as well as Cooper, Intermatic and ACT. The HSM100 Z-Wave Multi-sensor will be available this month for $99.95.


Product Page [HomeSeer, via eHomeUpgrade]

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So it senses a dark warm room with movement (as in me and the Mrs. gettin' jiggy) and... turns on the lights and AC? No frakkin' thanks.