Hono Electrical Candle

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You're going to need a lot of Marvin Gaye music to make this Hono Electrical Candle look sexy, but maybe in a really dark room it may have some odd appeal. Touch the candle with the included "magic match," and it lights up, then when you're done, blow it out just like a real candle. The rechargeable candle includes a battery charger, a circular stand, and a holder that makes the candle appear to be standing on its own.

We're wondering exactly how this might be better than an old-fashioned wax candle with its charming and unpredictable flame. Perhaps it's a safety issue. All of this exotica comes at a price, too—brace yourself—it's $159.99. You could buy 10 years' worth of candles for that much. Perhaps there are some areas where technology just shouldn't go.

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