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Hornmassive, One Big-Ass Horn

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This image was lost some time after publication.

You know those little air horns that people bring to concerts and other events? Yeah, the same ones that manage to deafen you for a short period of time and result in a beating to the operator of the horn. Those small horns have gotten quite the upgrade. The Hornmassive is exactly that, a massive horn. It is capable of making noise that can be heard 1km away. This horn is primarily used at music festivals.


Supposedly the Hornmassive is capable of delivering superior sound, throw, range and efficiency from the 2-ton 2000-watt horn. Now, would it be mean for me to hope they take it to Burning Man and blow all of those hippies away?

Information Page [Via The Cool Hunter]

Update: Well I'll be damned. There was a giant horn at Burning Man. The information for that project can be found here. It was at Burning Man from 1999 to 2002. Guess it didn't do good enough of a job at blowing away the hippies. Thanks, Dan

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Let's pair that bad boy up with that big ass screen from UT Austin and have a big ass partaaay.