Horrifying Cuckoo Clock Design From The Shining

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Who knew the mild-mannered cuckoo clock could evolve into such a gruesome object? Fans of the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining will adore this takeoff on the innocent pop-out clock, where every hour Jack Nicholson's crazed face pops through the door, yelling "Here's Johnny!" as Shelley Duvall screams in terror. Cuckoo clock, indeed.

This prototype by designer Chris Dimino isn't available yet to the general public, but if there are enough fans of The Shining and the horror genre in general, it might someday see the light of day. Even though it's a great idea, we're thinking all the yelling and screaming every hour on the hour could get pretty old after about a day. But then maybe we're turning into dull boys because of that "all work and no play" thing.

Design Site [Chris Dimino, via Coolest Gadgets]


Scantron Crothers


There really needs to be a video of this in action.Does your DVD player have an A-B button? If so, just smear Vaseline all over your TV and ping-pong the 'here's Johnny' shot and you'll probably have a good idea of what it looks like.