Horror flick Citadel shows why mutant baby-eating kids are the worst

Check out the new trailer for Ciaran Foy's Citadel. It's just like The Descent, except instead of a cave, it's an abandoned apartment complex and the creatures all wear hoodies. So it's not like The Descent at all, but you catch our drift!


A pack of feral city children — who hate the light but love sweatshirts — are hunting down one man's babies, because they can smell his fear or something. Here's the pretty awful synopsis — "An agoraphobic father teams up with a renegade priest to save his daughter from the clutches of a gang of twisted feral children." But hey, the urban feral children angle has us intrigued. As Nell would say, "Tie in the wind may tay!"


Erik Sofge

I find that guy's eyeballs to be annoying.

Also, I appreciate not going with a lady protagonist, but I really think horror just tends to be better with a lady protagonist.