Horse Cops Are Installing Computers Onto Horses So They Can Pretend to Be Real Police

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Mounted police officers, which are the cops who ride horses and pretend to do real police work, are actually becoming useful. In Louisville, new Mobile Data Terminals—similar to what the police have in cars—are being installed onto horses.


The MDT is actually a small Panasonic U-1 computer that lets police officers hit up emergency dispatch and run record checks (traffic history, vehicle registration, etc) while never dismounting their horse. Before, they had to call in to check all that information. I'm thinking an iPhone or small tablet would work even better but hey, go ahead and spend $3,300 on that little computer guys. And enjoy your horses. [Courier Journal]

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I don't care if this gets me banned or unstarred, but seriously Casey, you have no clue what you are talking about. My father is a veteran of the Newakr NJ police department, on the job 30+ years, and many of those years was a mounted officer. Thinking that they have an easier job than a officer on foot or in a car just shows how little people know about horses. It's way easier to ride in a car or walk a beat than it is to take care of and ride a horse on your shift. You don't need to brush a car down, or put a saddle on it, or hose it down afterwards, but those jobs, in addition to many more are what is REQUIRED to be a mounted officer.

As for your "iphone or small tablet" comment, you seem to neglect to mention that mounted officers also ride their horses in the rain, so unless those devices have all of a sudden become waterproof and can also communicate on the same frequencies that this device can, then there's no reason to think they would even work.