Horseman LD Bellows-Type Camera Mount For With Nikon and Canon DSLR

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If you needed a camera with a wide field of view, coupled with large megapixel count, your only choice was super expensive high megapixel cameras. Not anymore, with the Horseman LD, which fits standard Nikon and Canon DSLR bodies into its frame to allow you to take landscape shots and stitch them together later.

The belows adjusts by changing "rise, fall and shift", so you can take multiple pictures now and put them together to form one giant picture keep your subject in focus without re-framing and re-focusing.

As bellows movements are performed by an ultra-precise rack-and-pinion drive, inaccuracies between successive pictures are held to an absolute minimum, making post-editing an easy task.


The Horseman is available for around $2500, and doesn't come with camera.

Product Page [Horseman via Tech Digest]

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