Hospital Food Ordering Goes Wireless

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Is it just me, or is this stuff delicious as hell? I could eat mounds of hospital gelatin and die happy. Regardless, AP-HP, lle-de-France's university and regional hospital center, has chosen Symbol Technologies (with partners Enterprise Mobility and Solutys) to supply hospitals with a wireless food ordering service for patients.


Symbol is supplying the PDA devices used for the service. Hospitals will be able to choose between the PPT8800 or MC50 mobile devices that will communicate with the kitchen via a wireless network. This system better allow me to order bowls upon bowls of delicious, fruity gelatin goodness—you know, the next time I happen to be hospitalized in France.

Hospital Food Ordering Goes Wireless [Medgadget]

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For $DEITY's sake! When you're a patient in a hospital, it's usually because you're seriously injured or sick, and the role of the hospital is to try and heal you, not to finish you off by forcing you to use and rely on a Windows device to get food (food, you know, this tiny detail without which you die.)

What next, having you restart your pacemaker twice a day because security updates were installed?