When you think of Hot Toys, you think of expensive, gorgeous and ridiculously detailed figures - but they don't just do those. They've announced a new line of smaller-scaled vinyl toys, kicking off with Age of Ultron figures that reimagine Cap, Tony and Ultron in the most adorable manner.

The new range, dubbed the 'Artist Mix', is not the first from Hot Toys to stray from their usual highly realistic collector wheelhouse - they did a line of cutsey figures called 'Cosbaby' that featured the likes of Batman and Iron Man - but they're certainly a striking break from what you'd usually come to expect from the company. The first series, featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Ultron Prime, some Ultron Sentries and the Hulkbuster, has been made in a collaboration with Japanese vinyl artist Touma, and they look pretty damn cute. Although Ultron himself looks almost comically depressed:

D'aww, poor Ultron! Hot Toys have yet to reveal much about the figures outside of their existence and the height - around 14cm for the 'standard' figures, with the plus-sized Hulkbuster coming in at roughly 22cm - no details on price or when they'll be available.

For now, just gaze at the pretty pictures, plenty of which you can see over on Hot Toys' website.


[via Toyark]

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