Hourglass Timer Stool Nixes Tantrums in Just 5 Minutes

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Though it looks the part, this stool isn't a training potty—but it will take the piss out of your kids. It's actually a giant sand timer designed for time outs, sequestering rowdy ruffians for a calming five minutes.

For $69 the mango wood hourglass will actually support kids up to 150 pounds. So you can probably keep using this thing until your children are ready to graduate from junior high. I'm sure that shouldn't warp them too much, right?

I also appreciate that it's virtually impossible to cheat this timer. Unless your child has found a way to manipulate the pull of gravity, they'll be stuck stewing on this stool until every last grain of sand has fallen through. Adults 1—Kids 0. [Wisteria via Fancy]