You're only supposed to be able to upload a six-second clip to Vine—but somehow yesterday sixteen-year-old Will Smidlein managed to bypass that rule and post the whole of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". Uh, well done?

It didn't go down so well with Vine engineers, who very quickly sent him a direct message on Twitter asking him to take down the post, in which he explained "I think I broke Vine."


So how did he do it? Well, according to Verge, he downloaded and decompiled the new Vine-for-Android app, then recreated part of the Vine API that facilitates uploads. He's declined to provide exact details of how he did it, but not longer after, Risk Astley was online.

He does, at least, seem remorseful for what he did, explaining on Twitter that "I truly feel awful for the engineers whose day I ruined with my stupid messing around." Sadly the post no longer exists. Shame. [Twitter via Verge]

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