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How Apple Became the Choice of Creatives Everywhere, 30 Years Ago

These days we take design on computers for granted, but 30 years ago we were still surrounded by low-res screens, clunky interfaces and command prompts. Way back then, though, was when Apple stole the lead and became the choice of creatives everywhere.


This video describes how the Apple Laserwriter—a printer, of all things—cemented Apple as the hardware supplier of preference for anyone creating beautiful content. Steve Jobs invested heavily in printing hardware, and in turn carved out a niche for Apple that, broadly speaking, remains unchallenged today. Well worth a watch. [YouTube]

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Cochese: 4k120fps

I would hardly say it's "unchallenged." Considering any configuration of powerful hardware can run the same Photoshop and audio/ visual tools that are as good or better than Apple's offerings, I'd say it's been matched and beat. However, getting people to switch platforms for the sake of switching is a real challenge and unnecessary unless an actual problem existed. Well, aside from that time when Apple didn't seriously update their aging Mac Pro for several years, prompting a lot of outrage and at least a few people to jump ship.