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How Boeing Is Going to Fix the 787 Dreamliner's Battery Problems

Illustration for article titled How Boeing Is Going to Fix the 787 Dreamliners Battery Problems

Tonight, Boeing detailed its solution for the 787 Dreamliner's battery problems. It involves improving the battery itself, fixing the charging system and adding another layer of protection with an added enclosure. Boeing is still committed to lithium-ion batteries and this solution will allow Boeing to continue to use them in the 787.


The new solution will include enhancing the cell and battery build processes and doing a better job with the production tests for cells and batteries. In addition, Boeing is tweaking the overall design of the battery by adding insulation, a spacer and heat resistant sleeves for wires for improved thermal and electrical isolation and drain holes to fix any moisture issues.

In addition, Boeing is fixing the charging system by reducing the maximum charging levels and increasing the minimum charge level (which would increase max discharge level). The overall goal is to prevent overcharging of the batteries. Finally, Boeing is creating an enclosure to eliminate the potential for fire from bursting batteries. [Boeing]

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I'd be very surprised if this didn't work. Boeing's and America's* reputation for building dependable airplanes is on the line here, so I'm sure they looked into this past the essential level.

*Boeing being the only serious airplane builder left in the US.