How Budget Airlines Undercut the Majors (Spoiler: Infographics)

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Personal theory: Man has a natural propensity to question what he reads but believe anything he sees in neat infographic form. And this is one heck of an infographic, comparing budget airlines (like Southwest) to traditional companies like Delta.

(Click on the image to see it bigger.)

I have no idea whether or not all of the stats are true, but I believe the shit out of them. Peach versus baby blue is the new good versus evil. Apply haphazard census information to a bathroom guy graphic and it's un-freggin-questionable. That's the bathroom guy, after all. He's never abused my trust by leading me into a women's restroom only to laugh and laugh while recording the event for a little YouTube subscriber bait.


That's restraint.

Having flown both types of carriers, I'd have never known that a company like Air France has 10x the staff of a company like EasyJet. And I don't know the last time I was served a meal on a non-international flight, no matter how large or expensive the carrier or ticket. [Flickr via Digg]

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One glaring error is that with some of these 'low' cost airlines, the cost of the flight isn't the actual cost of flying. I booked flights yesterday with Ryanair, and whilst the total cost of the flights was, in fact £45 return the total cost including airport tax, baggage, online check-in charge, charge for using a non-Ryanair credit card (WTF????) was £145. They are now also considering charging £5 if you want to use the toilet mid-flight.