Illustration for article titled How Can 3D Artworks Made Only From Painted Glass Creep Me Out So Much?

You can keep your overpriced, eyeball-hurting 3DTVs, Sony, LG and Samsung—I'm investing in a couple of David Spriggs' 3D artworks instead. The British-Canadian artist paints using acrylic, layering sheets of glass like Dexter's box of blood slides.

With some of the artworks he appears to have used transparent plastic, almost like shower-curtains hanging from a rod. It's amazing how varied his work is too, from the trippy symbols to his scarier stuff with Chinese artist Xia Xiaowan (like the one shown above).


The best thing is that you don't need 3D glasses. Take a flick through the gallery, and trip out on the third dimension. [David Spriggs via Public School via BBLinks and Juxtapoz]

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