For 28 years, I've been dutifully grinding my fork through steaks and other delicacies, both too stubborn and lazy to pick up the knife. Now, I learn of an existing invention. It's been around for years. It's called a knork.

The etymologists among you, tracing the knork's "kn" back to its Old English root "cnif" (c.450-c.1100)—or more likely, the Old Norse "knifr"—are way ahead of this explanation, but a knork is a combination of a knife and a fork—a tool with all the lofty goals of a spork but, according to the few accounts I've read, far more utility. As one Amazon reviewer puts it:

If someone you know has difficulty using a fork in one hand & a knife in the other, this is a great solution. The knork cuts extremely well, because the side is angled well to be a suitable cutting edge.

Have no fear-place this easily [slides] in your mouth without cutting your tongue or anything else.

Yes, the handle is heavier, but that is probably because the knork is designed with a good application of physics. The unique shape of the edge plus the weight of the handle allows one to cut through any thickness if you have a good strong eating hand.

Use the knork properly-place it on the object (like a thick steak) & rock back & forth. Patience is advised-but then it is recommended to eat more slowly- it's healthy!

Enjoy your steak in a restaurant -you are no longer restricted to soft mushy foods. Be independent-no one has to cut your steak in public anymore!


Knorks run about $20 for a pack of four. Your friends and grandparents will appreciate them equally. [Knork and Amazon via Design Fetish via Gearfuse]