How Do I Unlock My iPhone? (Wait for the Package Installer)

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Now that the iPhone free software unlock is available, you may be wondering how to use it. The answer: It's complicated. We did it here with two iPhones, it works flawlessly but the unlock process is not for consumers. Fortunately, develogoddess Erica Sadun is coming to the rescue soon with a one-click graphic application that uses the Dev Team unlock. So be patient and don't spend your cash on commercial software.


The application will be downloadable on the iPhone as soon as it's finalized and fully tested.

The application will also be 100% legal. This means that it will probably still require you to upload to the iPhone two separate copyrighted files because nobody can distribute firmware material with their software. Once they are there, however, you will be able to unlock with just one click, no techno-mumbo-jumbo required.


Alright. I am on the verge of buying an iPhone. I have been a fanboy for years now, but being locked into a t-mo contract and being in law school makes funds a little tight.

If a go to the store and buy an iPhone, will this new unlock app be a one stop shop? I have read that for many unlocks you need jailbreak and some sort of activator to get around the deatth star. I guess I am wondering what all will be invovled. Perhaps I am jumping the gun and this will be revealed in the new walkthrough the Giz is putting out. HYPNOTIK what did you do for your gf? Also, I am guessing with another post on Giz that there is no guarantee this will work after teh next iPhone update....

What is a Lowly1L to do?