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iPhone Free Software Unlock Confirmed (Death Star Explodes)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to viewThe free software iPhone unlock—the only one that counts— has been finally achieved by the iPhone Dev Team and it has been independently tested. Everyone can now unlock their iPhones for free. The unlock was not achieved by GeoHot, who was credited with the first hardware unlocks.

[UPDATE 11:01 PM EDT: The iPhone Dev Team has given Giz permission to host a mirror of the original file and the source code, as their servers are getting hammered.]



Gizmodo's software mirror: Download iUnlock here (this is the only original iUnlock file.)


Gizmodo's source code mirror: Download iUnlock Source here

Looking for the tutorial? Better wait for Erica's GUI installer

[Original article - Posted at 17:45PM EDT]


Details are thin at the moment, but the free unlock appears to have been achieved by the usual suspects according to some of their claims on IRC channels. Apparently some hackers are exploiting the same buffer bug that the iPhone Sim Free people used to achieve their unlocks, but it is their own independent and free unlock. Keep checking back for updates after the jump. And remember, no Death Star exploding until it gets fully confirmed. [Last update 6:49PM EST]

[Updated 6:35PM EDT]

So far, we know that GeoHot, of the hardware unlock fame, is claiming in IRC channels that he has unlocked the iPhone using the same method as iPhone Sim Free.


[Updated 6:47PM EDT]

At this time, GeoHot hasn't made public any details yet. Meanwhile, hackers from the iPhone Dev Team kept testing the way that Gray suggested. Be aware that it's still not clear if GeoHot's claims are true or not. Unless his claims are independently tested by the community, and the unlock proven to be his work —which hasn't been proved either— the Death Star won't explode.


[Updated 6:49PM EDT]

While all this is happening, another Dev Team group is currently testing another unlock software right now, which is also "similar to IPSF but works with patching a fls, not some strange bootloader code."


The unlock has been achieved, but not by GeoHot. Meanwhile, the true iPhone Dev Team hackers were able to put it together, which is going to be available in Deadbeef shortly, according to them.


Update 8:10PM EDT

File is now available. See above.

[Final update 11:01PM EDT]

This has been fun. I'm still writing the tutorial for the unlock (it's coming, we just want to make it really easy for everyone) but I wanted to share the particular moment when the Giz witnessed how they tried the patch for the first time and succeeded. We were "watching" the events in real time:

1:05 AM
i think we got it
wait 10 min for vertify ok?

me: ok

unlocking as we speak lets see

1:10 AM

man free unlock

me: YEAH!

wait for another vertification and we are set

The Giz has been following the unlocking effort for a very long time now. They hacked into it, activated it, created the tools to develop third-party apps and all the unlocks, including this one.


Now that the search for the unlock is over, they will keep working on more developments for the iPhone and future Apple devices, things like the iPod touch. That's why they are still asking for donations. If you think their work is worth it, they tell us you can send money to this PayPal address: (yes, it's, not

IMPORTANT: as the subject of the transfer, don't mention the word "hack" or "hacking" as PayPal is very sensitive about these things. Use iPhone Development Team Donation as the subject so it can be clearly identified.


The names of the people responsible for it, all from the iPhone Dev Team, are (in alphabetical order): Daeken, Darkmen, guest184, gray, iZsh, pytey, roxfan, Sam, uns, Zappaz (who pointed out a missing thing that made the Dev Team realized they had a bug in previous code), Zf, plus Nightwatch for his iPhone toolchain.