How Does Getting Shot In the Neck Sound?

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This thing is "Neck Clamp and Impactor." It involves sticking your head inside a neck brace with only a small impact-resistant nanoceramic plate to protect your throat from a rocket launcher. The project begs the question: Do you feel lucky?


Created by Sitraka Rakotoniaina and Andrew Friend, it calls to mind how much of the world's industrial design keeps us safe even as we take them for granted. Don't worry, though. The metal rocket is never fired. Which is probably a good thing. Even if the concept is sound, firing anything at any part of your body sounds, well, crazy.

Then again, so do a lot of things if you think about it. [FastCo Design]


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The birth of bullet-proof armor is very closely tied to a man shooting a large gun at himself while wearing it. That might've been crazy, but crazy is oftentimes what advances society the most.